The upcoming BMW 7 Series is on the way and it’s set to be one of the most interesting cars in the brand’s lineup. Between its electrification, its tech, and its new design, the 7 Series is going to be radically different from any other 7 Series before it, for better or worse.

Either way, it’s going to be fascinating to see what becomes of the new 7er. So let’s break down the top five most interesting and exciting things about it.

First Ever BMW 7 Series Electric – i7

Along with the BMW 7 Series, there will also be an all-electric model, the BMW i7. While official details are scarce, there are some things we know and some info that’s been reported. For instance, we know the i7 will be built on the same G70 chassis as the standard 7 Series, rather than its own unique electric architecture. It’s also been reported that it will pack a three-motor powertrain, with dual motors at the back axle and a single motor up front. It could be the same triple-motor setup that powers the M Performance variant of the upcoming BMW i5.

BMW Theater Screen

BMW recently showed off one of the upcoming tech features in the new 7 Series, its massive rear seat theater screen. The Bavarians showed it off at CES 2022, where they actually allowed attendees to use it in the back seat. Though, attendees couldn’t see the rest of the interior, as it was covered with black fabric, nor could they see the outside of the car, as that was boxed in with a wooden structure. The massive theater screen will be very interesting for rear seat passengers, as they’ll be immersed in a full movie theater experience, combined with the new Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system.

BMW B58 TÜ2 Engine

For the new 7 Series, BMW will be unveiling a new variant of the already brilliant B58 engine, dubbed B58 TÜ2. According to our sources, it will make 370 horsepower, which will make it the most powerful non-M Performance variant of the B58 engine. Considering current M Performance models make 382 horsepower, upcoming M Performance models of the new B58 TÜ2 might make closer to 400 horsepower, which would be cool. Along with the extra power, though, the new B58 engine should come with some other mechanical updates that could make it smoother, more efficient, more responsive, and give it better thermal management.

Fully Automatic Doors

BMW always sort of marketed the 7 Series as a sportier alternative to the S-Class and sort of shied away from uber-luxurious features. For this new 7 Series, though, BMW is leaning hard into its luxury side. One of the more interesting luxury options for the new 7er will be its fully automatic doors, similar to those found on a Rolls-Royce. So you’ll be able to sit in the back seat and simply hold a button to close the doors, making life far easier for rear seat passengers.

Split Headlights

This is probably the thing BMW fans are most interested/nervous to see on the new 7 Series. It’s been well known for some time that BMW will be eschewing from using its traditional dual halo light design and instead will opt for a new split headlight design. Spy photos have already shown some of this new design and it’s been controversial among enthusiasts. So it will be very interesting to see how BMW implements this new design and what the response from customers will be.