At CES 2022, BMW is showcasing further variants of the overall user experience. With My Modes Expressive and Relax, in the future BMW customers will have additional ways of adapting the vehicle settings to the particular situation and mood. In this video, we went behind the scenes to demo the new My Modes in the BMW iX and to experience the DIMENSIONS OF REAL, conceived by DESIGNWORKS. DIMENSIONS OF REAL is a purely digital format and an artful take on what is yet to come.

There are four new My Modes. The selection will soon be expanded to include the My Modes Expressive and Relax. In the new My Mode Expressive, the active driving experience is said to be more engaging. The appearance of the displays on the BMW Curved Display is characterised by expressive colours and abstract patterns. In combination with BMW IconicSounds Electric, activating My Mode Expressive also provides an unconventional sound in the interior that reflects the driving situation.

In My Mode Relax, the focus is on wellness, harmony and relaxation. The graphic displays on the BMW Curved Display are inspired by natural landscapes. In all-electric models, an understated and harmonious sound backdrop is generated to match this.

Next we have the DIMENSIONS OF REAL installation which brings BMW’s future visions of digital design to life. The project was conceived by DESIGNWORKS and redefines the notion of a concept vehicle and invites people to embark on a multi-sensory journey. Jordan Schiefer and Kyle Conner of Out of Spec Studios share their first-hand experience with the CES exhibit and the new tech. So let’s take a look!