According to our sources, there’s a very good chance that a BMW i5 Touring could hit the market sometime after 2024. While nothing is set in stone, we’ve heard of a desire from brass at BMW to bring such a car to market. It would make a lot of sense for BMW to do, as it’s going to be making both a 5 Series Touring and an i5 Sedan and, considering how similar the two cars would be under the skin, it would be a natural extension to combine them and make an i5 Touring. If that’s the case, and a BMW i5 Touring does come to market, it could look a lot like this render.

Judging by spy photos and what we’ve heard from our sources, the next-gen G60 5 Series — as well as the G61 5 Series Touring — is going to feature a much simpler design than other new BMWs, such as the 4 Series and 7 Series. So expect, normal kidney grilles, simple headlights, and a handsome, understated design. Which is exactly what this render shows.

The render is clearly based on the current G30 5 Series, just with some added tweaks to make it a bit more in keeping with BMW’s current design language. So it gets updated kidney grilles, sleeker headlights, flush door handles, and — in this case — M-style side mirrors, as this render depicts an M Performance version.

If such a car comes to market, it would likely share powertrain options with the BMW i4. So expect a single-motor, rear-wheel drive version and a dual-motor, all-wheel drive, M Performance version, dubbed i5 40 and i5 M50, respectively. The latter of which would be the sexy one, with 536 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. That would give it near-M5 levels of power in an all-electric, luxury wagon and would instantly make it one of the more intriguing BMWs on sale.

We’ll have to wait awhile to see a potential BMW i5 Touring, though. The next-gen 5 Series won’t debut until 2024 and Touring models typically launch a year later than their sedan counterparts. Since the i5 will likely launch after the 5 Series, it might not be until 2025 or 2026 that we see an i5 Touring.