We are giddy with excitement for what 2022 will bring to the table in terms of M models as BMW’s high-performance division has quite a few product launches planned. One of the models that we’re anxious to see is the next-generation M2 Coupe, which will bring a series of upgrades over the M240i. Unlike the M Performance variant offered with rear- and all-wheel drive, the full-fat M model will send power exclusively to the rear wheels.

According to a new report from Auto Express, the BMW M2 G87 will feature wider tracks and additional bracing compared to the M240i. In addition, a rear-mounted M Sport differential is going to be fitted as standard equipment, and so will bigger brakes to handle the extra oomph coming from underneath the hood.

As for the suspension setup, it is believed the sports coupe could use stroke-dependent mechanical dampers tailored to the new M2 or adaptive electromechanical dampers. While the M240i is offered only with an automatic transmission, BMW aims to sell the range-topping 2er also with a six-speed manual as well to please purists.

Photo by instagram.com/joelre98

The British magazine claims the S58 engine sourced from big-brother M4 Coupe will be dialed down to around 400 horsepower for the base version. Those looking for extra muscle will have to step up to the M2 Competition, which is said to offer somewhere in the region of 430 hp. The turbocharged straight-six engine with a 3.0-liter displacement could spawn a more potent version further down the line for a potential M2 CS. For the time being, there aren’t any details about the possibility of an M2 CSL to follow the M4 CSL debuting later this year.

It goes without saying the styling will be quite different compared to the M240i and the lesser 2 Series Coupe trim levels, beyond the adoption of the BMW M signature quad exhausts. The rectangular lower grille will be flanked by square intakes while the kidney grille will have a normal size without going down the M4’s route.

A subtle trunk lid spoiler is in the offing, and we wouldn’t be too surprised if the M Performance catalog will include a look-at-me rear wing. Larger wheels to host the beefy brakes are also on the menu, along with M-specific side mirror caps and a lowered ride height for sharper cornering. Expect the new M2 to feature a redesigned rear diffuser and we wouldn’t exclude a second version to accommodate an M Performance stacked exhaust as seen on the M4.

Photo by instagram.com/joelre98

Even though the M2 will essentially be a 2 Series Coupe dialed up a notch, there are major changes planned inside the cabin. We are specifically talking about the adoption of BMW’s iDrive 8, which will come along with the pair of screens sitting next to one another. Revamped front seats with better lateral support are a safe guess, and so is an upgraded steering wheel with configurable M buttons.

Debuting later this year, the M2 will be one of the many new performance vehicles planned by BMW M for its 50th anniversary. Other products include the aforementioned M4 CSL, along with the recently teased M3 Touring and a production version of the plug-in hybrid XM SUV. The next-generation 7 Series is also due in 2022 and will come along with a fully electric i7, which could offer a top-tier M Performance derivative.

Before all of these debuts, the iX M60 will be unveiled later today in Las Vegas during 2022 CES as BMW M’s second electric vehicle ever after the i4 M50.

[Source: Auto Express]