We bring you fresh imagery from the Bulgarian national launch event for the refreshed generation 5 Series and 6 Series GT. Following the online debut in Summer 2020, the facelift generations of the G30/G31 5 Series and G32 6 Series officially arrived in most European countries starting last Fall. The Bulgarian branch of BMW organized a special launch event that was held in the capital city of Sofia, followed by trips on picturesque rural roads in the central part of the country. The finish line brought them to Plovdiv area at a refined winery, where the fleet of cars also met with the new M440i xDrive Coupe.

For the event, BMW deployed a large fleet of new 5 Series and 6 Series Gran Turismo models, in various visual combos. There are worth mentioning the M550i xDrive featured in Sapphire Black and BMW Individual Tanzanite Blue II, the 640d xDrive GT in Bernina Grey amber effect and the 540i xDrive showcased in BMW Individual Alvit Grey metallic. Besides the M550i, all the models came in M Sport trim and most of them were specced with dark-tone leather interiors and high-gloss black exterior ornaments.

The engine lineup for the new 5 Series models include almost every possible choice, with numerous diesel, petrol and electrified variants, in both rear-wheel drive or xDrive configurations. With five PHEV models to-date (530e Sedan/Touring and their xDrive counterparts + the new 545e xDrive Sedan), the BMW 5 Series range offers the largest number of plug-in hybrid models in the BMW Group model portfolio. Starting Spring 2021, the lineup will be further expanded with four new entry-level plug-in hybrids: 520e Sedan/Touring and their xDrive versions.

The 6 Series GT is also offering some relevant 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder power options, that can run on diesel or petrol, from the frugal 620d GT to the 640d xDrive GT range-topper. The introduction of mild-hybrid 48-volt technology in all four- and six-cylinder engines provides even more spontaneous reactions and higher efficiency thanks to the 48-volt starter/generator with an additional power of 8 kW/11 p.m. to support and unload the internal combustion engine.

The new generations of the business sedans boast an impressive level of technology. Examples include the new active navigation feature, automatic emergency lane formation and the reverse assistant parking assistant. The Integral Active Steering increases maneuverability at low speeds and is now available for the plug-in hybrid versions for the first time.

The BMW 7.0 Operating System forms the standard infotainment interface for the new 5 Series and 6 Series GT. The new BMW Maps cloud-based navigation system offers fast navigation tailored exactly to the specific situation.

Android Auto joins Apple CarPlay in allowing direct integration of smartphones into the car. Last, but not last, keeping the cars up-to-date has never been easier, as Remote Software Upgrade is available for the LCI G30, G31 and G32 model generations.