Thankfully, for many countries, lockdown restrictions are beginning to slacken. Countries that have all but beaten the Coronavirus are slowly beginning to open back up, allowing citizens to safely, and responsibly, congregate, interact with each other and ultimately have some fun again. To do so in a safe and responsible way, BMW M decided to launch an outdoor cinema for the citizens of M Town.

At the Autokino München Aschheim, which is a drive-in theater in Aschheim, Germany, BMW M put together an awesome M Town gathering, with food vendors and some incredible cars, for its “citizens”. It was a special event, one that had some genuinely astonishing cars, such as BMW M1s and a 2002 Turbo. Also in attendance were some BMW prototype cars, such as the G80 BMW M3 and G82 BMW M4, clad in heavy camouflage, of course.

Even more special than that, several customers actually showed up to the M Town drive-in cinema to collect their brand-new BMW M2 CS models that they ordered. So they not only got to attend an incredible even but had the chance to pick up their very special new car and watch the movie from the comfort of it. As far as taking delivery of a car goes, that’s pretty tough to beat.

The movie they showed seemed to be a documentary about BMW M and its racing history. For BMW enthusiasts, that must have been heaven, to watch a BMW M documentary, in a BMW, surrounded by some of the rarest of BMWs, with BMW M in attendance. Speaking of attendance, BMW M CEO Markus Flasch was there, which really must have taken things to another level for the fans in their BMWs.


This was a very cool event that BMW M put on for its fans, as it was a safe way to get people out and interacting with one another, while also indulging their passions. Those fans won’t ever forget that day and the lucky owners of the BMW M2 CS will never forget taking delivery of their cars.

[Photo Source: ChrisM2F87]