The first deliveries of the new BMW M2 CS have begun this month and, as one would expect, we’re starting to see the first videos coming out. The guys from Motorsport Magazine, in France, were among the first very lucky people to get to try one out and decided to film it as well. Needless to say, this car is fast and is also a riot on the track.

The BMW M2 CS has become the favorite car of the current BMW M CEO, Markus Flasch. He said that repeatedly in various interviews, talking about the car’s strong connection with its heritage. In a nutshell, the CS version of the M2 further improves on a recipe that proved to be successful from the get go.

Most of the appeal the M2 has in the first place comes from its analogue design and compact size. Basically, this is a small, RWD coupe that also comes with a manual. It has a straight six under the hood inherited from the current M4.

With the M2 CS, BMW wanted to show that there was still some room for improvement. Therefore, they tinkered with the suspension, cut some weight and gave the car some more power.

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With 450 HP coming from the S55 engine under the hood, the M2 CS can move. The one in the video below is fitted with a DCT gearbox but you can also grab an M2 CS with a manual if you want to.

Being an automatic, it also has launch control, which is used in the sprint to 200 km/h (124 mph) here. What’s most impressive here is the drama free launch. This has to be one of the cleanest I’ve seen on a DCT-equipped car.