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500-mile BMW M2 CS already sold for a profit

Remember when everyone was saying that the BMW M2 CS has the makings of a potential future classic? Normally, it would take years if not decades for such theories to be confirmed and yet, here…

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What Makes a BMW M CS Different from a standard M Car?

This might be the most cynical time in the history of the automobile, with brands slapping iconic nameplates on cars that don’t deserve it, other brands clearly crafting their entire design languages to fit certain…

BMWBLOG Podcast Ep.50 — Johnny Lieberman Talks BMW M3, M2 CS, and Electrification

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BMW M5 CS vs BMW M2 CS — Which is More Special?

There’s a lot to complain about, in this modern era of the automobile. Cars are becoming too big and heavy, too numb, and, despite automakers’ best efforts, simply aren’t efficient enough. However, there are still…