BMW started a mini-series of episodes to be broadcast during the quarantine, featuring some important topics for fans of the brand. The series, called ‘BMW Today’ covers a number of topics, the one up for discussion in the video below being the highly coveted BMW M2 CS. The man talking about this iconic car is none other than the boss of the Motorsport division, Mr. Markus Flasch.

The discussion kicks off as you’d expect, with Flash walking us through what the M2 CS is and what it means for both the company and the enthusiasts out there. This is, without a doubt, the most track-focused and agile car you can get from BMW today. All the changes that were done to the otherwise brilliant recipe used to make the standard M2 have been done to make the CS even better on track.

The engine has more power while the weight has been reduced. That’s a great recipe for more fun and, as Flasch puts it: “This is the most crisp machine BMW M has in its entire lineup.” There’s also the fact that some optional features are simply not available on the M2 Competition, like the carbon ceramic brakes and the carbon fiber roof. However, I’m pretty sure there will be some people that try to get these tricks installed on their cars. We’ve seen carbon fiber roofs installed on other, even non-M cars, before.

The biggest news, however, comes right in the middle of this interview, as the BMW M boss is asked about the possibility of a BMW M2 CSL. What’s interesting is that he doesn’t dismiss the rumors right away but instead claims ‘a final decision hasn’t been made yet’. Now that is a glimmer of hope if I’ve ever seen one. We all hope to see the CSL badge revived and the M2 would provide the perfect platform for that.