BMW M2 CSL – Does this leaked image point to the upcoming model?

BMW M2 | August 11th, 2018 by 1

According to a source, this leaked image shows the dashboard of a BMW M2 with the latest software which has a hidden reference to the BMW M2 CSL. We weren’t able to confirm the image with a second source, but we’ve already heard rumors about a future CSL model based on the M2. Our own sources say that the model has been on the table for a while now, but  it remains to be seen if the green light will be given.

BMW is known to test different drivetrains and configurations, which don’t always translate into a future model, but in the case of the M2 CSL, the business case might make sense. The new M2 Competition is without a doubt an improved car over the outgoing M2, it not only uses a new, more powerful engine, but it has also been fine tuned for the track,.

Yet, there is room for improvement. The M2 Competition could lose some weight, while the suspension hardware will absolutely benefit from a more aggressive setup. The S55 engine could also deliver a bit more power or torque, to make the car even faster.

With the M2 production planned till around 2021, an M2 CSL means a short production run – which makes sense – but nothing concrete on the market till at least 2020.

We will continue to monitor the topic and update you as we learn more.

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  1. jb001 jb001 says:

    So basicly an M2 competition with slightly more power, equiped with all of the brand new M performance carbon fibre parts by defalt. And the MotoGP M2 safety car interior. Optional ceramic brakes. Makes sence!

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