Markus Flasch

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Video: BMW M Boss talks BMW M2 CS and Potential M2 CSL

BMW started a mini-series of episodes to be broadcast during the quarantine, featuring some important topics for fans of the brand. The series, called ‘BMW Today’ covers a number of topics, the one up for…

BMW M CEO Races Group 5 BMW 320i on Hockehneim

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Autoblog sat down with BMW M CEO Markus Flasch

This is a wild time to be a BMW enthusiast. The brand’s famous M Division is going through quite the change and will have a different look over the next few years, drastically different than…

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How will the BMW M Division change after van Meel?

It’s already been reported that BMW CEO Frank van Meel is on his way out of the M Division. He hasn’t been fired, nor is he leaving BMW. Instead, he’s moving to become in charge…

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BMW M gets a new boss

As of October 1, 2018, the M division of BMW M will get a new boss.  Markus Flasch will become Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW M, replacing Franciscus Van Meel. Austrian-born Flasch…