When the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled, the world stood still for a second. The reason for that? Well, generally, pick-ups are not known for their silent, eco-friendly character. They are, instead, associated with clouds of black smoke and diesel engines. What seemed liked madness initially, now it becomes appealing to many automakers. But how about an electric M pick-up truck?

Don’t start saving your money just now, as that’s quite likely not going to happen. However, in a recent interview with Australian magazine, Motoring, Daniel Schmidt, the head of product management at BMW M said the idea is very intriguing and appealing, due to certain advantages pick-up trucks have compared to other body styles. How come? Well, you can fit a lot more batteries in there.

Speaking about the possibility of launching an electric M car, the official said: “First we decide what’s the right concept for us, and so far we are not at all in pick-up trucks, for example. But if you would think from the other way around, like where can I put as much battery cells in with a certain freedom of height, then a pick-up truck would be a good concept for electromobility, for sure.”

While making an electric pick-up truck would definitely be easier, BMW M doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

On the other hand, Schmidt was adamant to highlight the fact that any electric car BMW makes has to adhere to the brand’s core values. While other car makers are now announcing a number of electric pick-ups (Silverado, Rivian, Cybertruck, etc), BMW will not rush to the market, especially in a segment where they haven’t been before.

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As for a proper M car with electric motors underneath it all, the right mix of power/weight balance should be achieved before such a possibility be taken into account.