The BMW X5 M and X6 M models are now arriving in dealerships around the world. We’ll be seeing them on public roads in no time and they come with some impressive performance, being some of the fastest SUVs you can get today. However, that was not a goal in itself when the two were developed but rather a consequence. BMW officials have repeatedly said that their products are not necessarily created to break records but to offer a great experience.

In a recent sit-down with Australian magazine Motoring, BMW’s head of product management, Daniel Schmidt, highlighted that bragging right are not part of the checklist the company goes over every time they develop a new model. “We’re not looking at winning a top speed competition against any competitor.

We want to create the best possible high performance for an SUV. In this respect we always try to find the best solution technically, with lateral not just longitudinal performance,” he said.

This approach is paying off, as BMW and its M products are doing better than ever, seemingly proving that their strategy is the right one. Last year, BMW M sold 135,829 units, beating the rivals from Mercedes-AMG in the process and recording an increase in sales of 32 percent.

With the launch of the new X5 M and X6 M models things might look even better at the end of 2020. As for why the M badge is so desired, it all comes down to the complete package, according to Axel Theiling, BMW M powertrain lead.

2020 BMW X5 M Competition featured in Tanzanite Blue II Metallic

“It’s not a matter of power,” said Theiling. “It’s what is the best complete concept. We think power to weight ratio is very important. If you look at the M3 or M4, they are not the cars with the most power but they have the best complete package. This is why we think customers are hitting so hard for our cars,” he explained. No matter what it is in the end, the people over at BMW are definitely doing something right as sales are at an all-time high right now.