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MINI Cooper SE vs Honda e — Auto Express Test

It seems that the advent of the electric car won’t help the US market get some of Europe’s coolest cars. While we get some pretty great electric cars in the ‘States (BMW i3, every Tesla,…

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BMW is Bringing Nine New EVs to Market by 2025

At the moment, it might seem as if BMW is lagging behind the rest of the industry, in terms of EVs and electrification. Its only electric cars on sale are the BMW i3, which is…

Lucid Air is an All-Electric Performance Sedan That Blows the Doors off Tesla and Everyone Else

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BMW plans for 7 million electrified vehicles by 2030

BMW outlines their electrification plans for this decade. And the plans are quite ambitious. By 2030, BMW Group aims to have over 7 million electrified vehicles on the road, that includes a combination of plug-in…