The BMW range is bound to get more electric vehicles starting with the next generation 7 Series. A new report coming in from Germany reiterates our previous articles: BMW is planning to expand its EV offerings with the upcoming 7er as well as the 5 Series that is to follow soon after. This report quoting insiders in Munich falls confirms what our own sources told us last year, regarding the future of the luxury sedan.

Back in 2019 we reported that an i7 is in the works, a car that is bound to give Tesla a run for its money both in terms of range and in terms of performance. According to the new report, the upcoming 7 Series will make the most out of BMW’s flexible architecture and offer an electric powertrain as well as diesel and petrol-powered cars. We also suspect hybrid choices will also be available from 2022 and that the biggest engine on offer will be a 3-liter straight six choice.

This will be offered in conjunction with one or two electric motors for the high-performance variants. This new plan also seems to include the 5 Series, the new generation being planned for launch not long after the 7 Series arrives. Most likely, the two will share a lot of their underpinnings and have the same, fifth-generation batteries installed with more energy density available than ever before. BMW actually showcased a 5 Series prototype fitted with electric motors and capable of delivering 750 HP a while back.

BMW Reportedly Working on i7 Electric Model with 600-Km Range

As for the electric 7 Series, the working name is now Mi7, but that could change. Sources tell us it will have at least 650 HP and a battery over 100 kWh that should allow it to cover up to 400 miles (640 km) on a single charge.

Those are impressive figures but we’ll have to wait and see what actually happens as these are only rumors at this point.

[Via: Handelsblatt]