Swiss tuner Dahler is the latest big name in the industry to sign off on a tuning kit for the new BMW X3 M and X4 M models. The company announced quite an extensive setup for the two new SUVs and the end results show the traditional look for a Dahler-tuned product. The biggest change comes in the performance department and takes the power output of the 3-liter S58 engine under the hood to new heights.

Unveiled under the ‘Dahler Competition Line’ motto, the BMW X3 M and the mechanically identical BMW X4 M are now capable of delivering 610 HP to the wheels along with 760 Nm (575 lb-ft) of torque. This is just Stage 1 according to the tuner, which is apparently working on a Stage 2 upgrade as well. The best part about this power bump is that it can be applied to non-Competition models as well, the end result being the same.

There’s also an exhaust system available made completely out of stainless steel and featuring the trademark M quad-tailpipe setup at the back. Dahler didn’t provide any info on the diameter of the pipes but they do mention the exhaust is road-legal and has an OPF filter installed. The suspension has also been enhanced, Dahler installing their own lowering setup meant to reduce sway movements and, of course, give the cars a better look.

The Swiss tuner also has a wide array of wheels to choose from for the X3 M and X4 M models, going from forged 22″ ultralight rims to smaller 21″ non-forged versions, all of them wrapped in Michelin rubber. Dahler is also apparently working on a new suspension kit with multiple adjustments in height and hardness but they will be revealed at a later date along with a new front spoiler lip.

As I already mentioned, even though the pics show a BMW X3 M exclusively, they can be applied to X4 M models as well.