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Now Is the Cheapest Time to Buy a BMW X3 M or X4 M

To be honest, now probably isn’t the wisest time, financially to buy a brand-new car. Especially one as expensive as a BMW X3 M, which wears a starting sticker price north of $70,000. With most…

Top Five Best BMW SUVs of All Time

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3D Design Makes the BMW X3 M Even More Aggressive

In any spec, the BMW X3 M is one of the very best cars the brand currently makes. It’s shockingly fast, more capable than some sports cars are and practical enough to be a daily-driving…

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Video: Tuned BMW X3 M drag races tuned Audi RS3

Normally, we wouldn’t consider the BMW X3 M a proper rival for the Audi RS3, or the other way around. These two cars fight in different categories and are drastically different. However, when talking about…

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Video: Tuned BMW X3 M vs BMW M8 Competition drag race

Normally, you wouldn’t really compare the BMW X3 M with a BMW M8 Competition. These two cars are so different in so many ways that one would likely consider such a thought outrageous. However, the…