The BMW i8 Roadster and the BMW i8 Coupe are not all that different when looking at the overall package and design. However, that didn’t stop German tuner AC Schnitzer from creating a meaner-looking roadster borrowing parts from its fixed-roof brother. The tuner launched the parts a while back but up until now we didn’t get a chance to see them installed on the roadster, and I have to admit they make quite a big difference.

Sure, this kit isn’t for everyone out there but it some owners might find it quite tempting for their new ride, as if the roadster needed such alterations to attract attention. Just try to drive this car around town and park it anywhere and not attract a large crowd of curious bystanders when you open the doors. This futuristic plug-in hybrid is still looking like it’s coming straight from the future, 3-cylinder engine be damned!

As for the parts added on, the one which makes the biggest difference and yet most people won’t know about it is the new suspension. AC Schnitzer added a custom spring kit good for losing some 20 to 25 mm of ride height up front and in the back. Up front, there’s a new grille without the traditional BMW i Blue highlights while the front bumper sports canards on the sides, made of carbon fiber, of course. There’s new mirror covers and rear air outlets included in the package as well.

Speaking of the rear, you can’t miss the ‘Racing’ wing which may seem like a bit of overkill. The wheels are also new, AC Schnitzer’s own products dubbed AC1 and they are lightweight, forged ones in all black. Considering the overall white theme of the car’s exterior, I guess we can call this a bi-color car.

As for the engine performance, there’s no word about some upgrades being done in this department but maybe AC Schnitzer will surprise us later down the road.