The BMW M5 is definitely the top dog in the Bavarian line-up today but some people might be more interested in the next best thing, the BMW M550i. While the performance of the two can’t really be compared, especially on the track, some people find the M Performance model has enough power for your daily needs, and rightfully so, as 462 PS will get you a long way and to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4 seconds.

However, this particular model has been modified by the good people in Abu Dhabi, known for how they deliver custom made BMWs to their demanding customers. The number of unique combinations we’ve seen being delivered to their rich patrons is astounding and it may seem like that’s all they do these days. This M550i xDrive model couldn’t be overlooked and it received a rather impressive collection as well.

Starting off life in an already rare color, Aventurine Red, this M550i xDrive also got a complete AC Schnitzer kit. Up front you’ll notice the carbon fiber splitter along with a color-matching lip underneath it. On the sides the lightweight forged wheels dominate the atmosphere while the AC Schnitzer side sills also painted Aventurine Red make for a more subtle appearance. Round the back you’ll notice the AC Schnitzer quad tailpipes of the custom exhaust as well as the wing on the boot, made of carbon fiber.

However, the best upgrade you can get from the German tuner is the ECU upgrade, taking the power output of the M550i xDrive to 551 PS and 790 Nm (583 lb-ft) of torque, numbers good enough to rival the outgoing F10 M5 if you ask me. The kit also comes with a 3-year warranty for up to 60,000 km (37,200 miles) which is always a good thing to have and a rarity among tuners out there these days.