The BMW 1M Coupe has a little special place in the hearts of BMW enthusiasts. just like the other BMW wearing the number 1 and the letter M on its boot. Understandably so too as the 1M is a small, front engine, rear drive manual beast that has a near perfect 50:50 weight distribution, the kind of thing BMW is known for in the first place. However, for some, the standard 340 HP of the 1M are not enough.

According to the video uploader, what we’re looking at here is a BMW 1M Coupe tuned by HPT up to Stage 3 and able to develop around 550 HP out of the 3-liter straight six N54 engine under the hood. The two turbochargers mounted on the standard mill must’ve been changed to obtain such a bigger amount of power but there are no details offered about the specifics unfortunately. We can also assume a new ECU tune was thrown in the mix for good measure along with a new clutch to handle all the extra torque, especially since the 1M Coupe only came with a manual box.

The wing on the boot is borderline crazy but what’s not is the way this “Baby-M” accelerates. Luckily, the drag races were kicked-off from a rolling start so the chance of lighting up the rear tires dropped significantly but even so, the car can be seen skidding at times. As for the rivals it faces in this video, we can count the BMW M4 as well as a Mercedes-AMG GT S. While we don’t have any info on them, we can assume the M4 was tuned as well, as its top speed was even higher than the 1M’s at 259.21 km/h compared to 256.66 km/h. The GT S might’ve been stock as it ran up to 255.45 km/h.

Then there’s the Volkswagen Golf R you see towards the end. While coming with the smallest engine of the bunch, being powered by a 2-liter 4-cylinder mill, the Golf 7 R managed to post a top speed of 237 km/h which is pretty darn impressive. Once again, that’s most likely not a stock model so don’t expect your car to reach the same velocity immediately after picking it up from the dealership.