Following in the footsteps of the facelifted M4 Coupe and Convertible, the M3 models have also received a nip and tuck for 2025. However, BMW has decided against bringing laser technology to the taillights used by the sedan and wagon. The more practical body styles do have the redesigned LED headlights with an optional matrix high-beam.

BMW brought the 2025 M3 Touring to Le Mans this past weekend where the latest M2 and M4 CS were also showcased. The M division decided to make a splash by publicly displaying the super wagon in Voodoo Blue. It’s a special color codenamed P7L and available as an Individual option. As before, you can’t get the G81 with a carbon roof. That being said, some tuners are offering this upgrade.

The family-friendly M3 continues exclusively in Competition guise with xDrive but it packs a greater punch than before. BMW has massaged its inline-six to extract 20 horsepower, with the twin-turbo 3.0-liter engine now making 523 hp. Even more muscle is on the way for those willing to wait until sometime next year. The M3 CS Touring is expected to have 543 hp and could weigh a bit less by featuring several carbon fiber bits. It remains to be seen whether the roof panel will be one of them.

BMW has been making the M3 wagon since November 2022, and this LCI variant will hit the assembly line at the Munich plant in July. It means the update comes only about a year and a half since the G81 entered production. We’re certain some early adopters are not happy seeing that the performance estate is getting more power so soon. Had they known right from the start, perhaps some customers would’ve waited for this revision.

The M3 Touring won’t remain BMW’s sole M wagon for much longer since the bigger M5 Touring debuts this year. The G99 will arrive after the G90 sedan, which celebrates its world premiere on June 26. The M5 estate might premiere on August 15 when the M division will show a new car at Pebble Beach. Unlike its smaller sibling, this one is coming to the United States and Canada.