BMW sells the M3 Touring with a wide array of options complemented by many M Performance Parts. However, there’s no box to tick that would give you a carbon fiber roof for the G81. While this may seem like a glaring omission, we’ve been told the lightweight panel would’ve involved significant changes at the factory in Munich where the super wagon is made. For the same reason, you can have a carbon roof for the M340i sedan but not for its more practical sibling.

The aftermarket scene has swiftly responded to this “problem.” It was back in August when an M3 Touring had its roof chopped off to make room for a carbon panel and now another one has made the switch to the lighter panel. Based in the UK, Quattro Coachworks was asked by Evolve Automotive to remove the OEM steel roof and make the necessary preparations for Alpha N-Performance’s carbon fiber roof. Yes, it’s the same panel fitted to that other M3 Touring we mentioned.

We’ll admit it’s a bit disturbing to see a car in perfect condition lose its roof for that carbon panel that many would argue should’ve been there in the first place. BMW is rumored to be working on an M3 CS Touring for a 2025 launch, and since CS-badged models are loaded with carbon fiber, perhaps the hotter estate will finally get the lighter roof from the factory.

Going for the carbon roof shaves off 11 kilograms (24 pounds), which frankly doesn’t sound like much in the grand scheme of things considering the car weighs about 2,000 kilograms (over 4,400 pounds) with a driver and all the necessary fluids. That said, the diet is applied at the top of the vehicle, which helps lower the center of gravity.

This G81 has received an additional transplant since the original hood has made way for a dual-vented carbon bonnet as the British call it, also made by Alpha-N Performance. It’s 5 kg (11 lbs) lighter than the OEM panel, so M3 Touring can remove a combined 16 kg (35 lbs). As a further nod to BMW’s CS models, this M3 Touring also boasts yellow daytime running lights and some body add-ons for even greater visual drama.

Source: Evolve Automotive / YouTube