The M logo – that’s all we get for this announcement of a new high-performance BMW. On August 15 at Pebble Beach, the luxury automaker will introduce an unspecified M car. The vehicle’s identity remains shrouded in mystery but we’re being told there will be a “very special surprise.” M boss Frank Van Meel will bring the special car to the stage in California.

As to what we’ll see in a couple of months from now, it’s unclear. BMW is unlikely to make such a big deal for only an M Performance car, so we don’t think it’s talking about the upcoming X3 M50. The M2, M3, and M4 have recently gone through updates so we’re ruling them out. The next-generation M5 will likely attend the 73rd edition of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in some capacity.

Whatever the case may be, we’re expecting the mysterious M to pack quite the punch. BMW’s succinct press release is titled “The Powerful next chapter in the story of M.” Not that there’s something wrong with SUVs but we’re hoping it’ll be a car. Don’t hold your breath for the M2 CS since that won’t debut until later in 2025.

The M3 CS Touring isn’t due until next year, and it wouldn’t make sense anyway to show the super wagon in the United States since the G81 isn’t sold there. The new M5 Touring (G99) is coming to North America (including Canada) but we don’t know if that’s what we’ll see at Pebble Beach. It would make sense given the hype around it and the fact this will be the first M wagon for America. Moving higher up the hierarchy, maybe something related to the M8? The top-spec 8 Series models haven’t been getting much attention from BMW but it remains to be seen whether that’s going to change.

We’d rule out an electric M car since that won’t go into production for another few years or so. Leading the way will be an M3-like sedan on the Neue Klasse platform. It’s codenamed “ZA0” and is expected to land around 2027 with roughly 700 horsepower.

Source: BMW