Rolls-Royce posted record sales in 2023 when it delivered 6,032 vehicles. While the ultra-luxury brand has never been about volume, selling cars is what ultimately keeps the lights on. The Goodwood-based company part of the BMW Group empire strives to offer the best customization options in the business. It’s likely the only automaker in the business that doesn’t sell two cars alike. Even so, more bespoke possibilities are on the way to lure in buyers.

In an interview with Autocar, the company’s new boss said an expansion of the company’s sole factory is planned. Chris Brownridge, who replaced Torsten Müller-Ötvös in November 2023, said a major extension of the facilities in West Sussex has been approved by the local authorities. The increased footprint will enable Rolls-Royce to upgrade its paint shop.

This may be a “first-world problem” but it’s a necessity taking into account that more than half of customers want a two-tone finish. RR can’t currently match the demand since only about 15% of the cars built combine two body colors.

Much like Rolls-Royce, the main BMW brand is also offering two-tone paints. However, you’re limited to the flagship 7 Series and its electric i7 sibling. Combining two colors will set you back a cool $12,000, making it one of the most expensive options available for a BMW.

As you can imagine, the extension in Goodwood won’t happen overnight. While the paint shop will be the first to be completed, the whole work at the site is not going to be finalized until 2028 or even 2029. Chris Brownridge said a higher volume of bespoke cars will be possible following the improvements made at the factory.

Meanwhile, RR sales were slightly down in the first quarter of 2024. Deliveries to customers dropped by 7% to 1,525 units. However, the weaker result is partially explained by the demise of the Wraith and Dawn. Although the order books for both were closed in 2022, deliveries to customers were still made for a good part of 2023. Demand should pick up now that the Cullinan, which is the brand’s best-selling model, has gone through a facelift.

Source: Autocar