The Black Badge version of a Rolls-Royce typically arrives a while after the regular model. However, the BMW-owned luxury brand is doing things differently with the Cullinan. The fanciest SUV of them all received a nip and tuck today, and with it comes the revised performance model. Both sides of the luxobarge keep their V12 engines, defying the industry’s downsizing trend.

The new Cullinan Black Badge shares the boldly restyled front fascia with the regular model. Those headlights with extra-long LED daytime running lights will take time to get used to. The front bumper is also substantially different by eschewing the upper air vents for a smoother, cleaner surface. Being the hotter derivative, it gets an assortment of black accents throughout the exterior.

We’re not used to radical redesigns from Rolls-Royce, especially for only a facelifted model. The 2025 Cullinan has a daring appearance, accentuated by larger wheels. The 23-inch set is the first of this size available for a Black Badge model. The wheels feature a glossy black and silver finish and have 10 intricately designed spokes. The red brake calipers can be swapped out for Mandarin, Forge Yellow, Turchese, or Black.

Much like any other Rolls-Royce, the real magic is inside. We’re particularly talking about the carbon fiber trim. What’s so special about it? Well, it takes a whopping 21 days to finish those 23 hand-polished pieces. Each receives six coats of lacquer and is left to cure for three days. New for 2025 is an elegant Spirit of Ecstasy emblem below the classy analog clock.

Then there are the seats, covered in Duality Twill. It’s a new textile created from bamboo fibers and can have as many as 2.2 million stitches. The Cullinan Black Badge’s interior can accommodate up to 11 miles of thread and 107,000 seat perforations. The holes measure 0.8 mm and 1.2 mm in diameter and form an abstract pattern. Just like the exterior, the cabin gets an assortment of black accents.

The Cullinan Black Badge uses the venerable twelve-cylinder powerhouse, a 6.75-liter engine with a pair of turbochargers thrown in for good measure. It offers 600 horsepower and a massive 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque. It’s the ultimate grand tourer when you consider the mountain-moving torque kicks in at just 1,700 rpm. There’s also a dedicated sports mode that enables 50% quicker gear shifts. In addition, Rolls-Royce’s engineers have reduced the brake pedal travel for more direct acceleration.

Since Rolls-Royce has pledged to go electric by 2030, this Cullinan is likely the first and only generation with a combustion engine. The follow-up model arriving around the end of the decade is expected to be sold purely as an EV. The transition to a zero-emission lineup has already started in Goodwood considering the Wraith and Dawn have been replaced by the electric Spectre.

Source: Rolls-Royce