BMW has been promoting the new M4 CS in Frozen Isle of Man Green and Riviera Blue. If you’re finding those Individual colors too flashy, you can’t go wrong with this Sapphire Black. New images show the spicy G82 on track while looking absolutely menacing since the forged wheels also have a black matte finish.

The M4 CS is what we call a predictable special edition since it’s essentially a coupe-ified M3 CS. To be fair, it’s a bit more than that since the super sedan didn’t have these new matrix LED headlights. In addition, the hardcore G80 eschewed the laser taillights with tridimensional graphics we first saw on the M4 CSL and 3.0 CSL in 2022. Inside, there’s a flat-bottomed steering wheel you didn’t get on the saloon.

Just like those three other cars, the M4 CS has yellow daytime running lights to echo BMW’s race cars. We’d argue the red accents around the love/hate kidney grille work best on this black body but to each their own. The carbon fiber roof is standard not just on the 543-horsepower CS, but also on the entry-level M4 with a “measly” 473 hp.

The benefit of sticking to the base model, aside from the obvious price gap, is the three-pedal setup. As a reminder, the new range-topper is automatic only. Enthusiasts also tend to prefer the rear-wheel-drive layout whereas the M4 CS is exclusively an xDrive affair. It’s not as extreme as the M4 CSL before it since BMW is keeping the rear seats. The CSL was also more of a hooligan since it sent the same 543 hp only to the rear wheels.

BMW is far from being done launching CS models. There will be two more in 2025 when the M3 CS Touring and M2 CS will be launched. The former should have 543 hp and xDrive while the latter is reportedly getting 522 hp and sticking with RWD. An all-paw M2 could arrive in 2026.