BMW might be finally making an M2 all-wheel drive. Sources indicate that the company is close to deciding on a BMW M2 xDrive, with favorable odds. The business case allegedly works in its favor, thanks to the high demand for M3 and M4 xDrive models. a BMW M2 xDrive (G87) will be a great year round car and could attract a new customer base to the popular compact sportscar. The only downside? Additional weight. Historically, the BMW xDrive system adds 50-75 kg (110-165 lbs) of weight. Given the G87 M2’s existing heaviness, this trade-off might appeal to some.

Most Likely with 8-Speed Auto Only

Of course, if the BMW M2 xDrive comes to market, it will most likely drop the six-speed manual transmission. This will allow BMW to give the M2 the full torque as seen in the M3/M4 Competition xDrive models – 650 Nm / 479 lb-ft. The question arises: Will BMW retain the rear-wheel drive M2 for its lifecycle, or fully adopt the M2 xDrive as the only option? The question remains unanswered for now and it’s likely to early for the final decision.

At Least 500 Horsepower

A BMW M2 xDrive (G87) would be a beast of a car. Since we’re getting around 518 horsepower in the BMW M2 CS, an all-wheel drive M2 could take advantage of the same power bump. Now imagine an M2 with all that power under the hood, and paired with the xDrive system. The BMW M2 would be capable of far more performance, thanks to the added grip of driven front wheels. Like the M3 and M4, the M2 would become a monster with some extra grip. Incorporate the 8-speed automatic for seamless, rapid shifts, and the G87 M2 xDrive becomes a fitting homage to the current M2 model.

Undoubtedly, purists will voice their objections. The G87 M2, with its rear-wheel drive, is already drawing flak for its weightiness. Their concerns hold merit; an all-wheel drive M2 would certainly deviate from the traditional M2 ethos. Nevertheless, the car’s versatility could ultimately tip the scales in this debate. However, BMW has proven that it can make heavy cars handle well, the current M2 itself is on such example.

Should BMW Make an M2 xDrive?

Introducing xDrive as an option for the M2 is indeed a logical step. This move would broaden the car’s appeal, enhance its adaptability in inclement conditions, and unleash its complete capabilities, all through the simple addition of this choice. BMW might even call this one the M2 Competition to denote the xDrive system, but from what we know, that naming decision has yet to be made.

While 2026 is distant and project decisions solidify just 18 months prior to production, plans remain subject to change. Yet, strong signals currently point to the heightened likelihood of the first-ever BMW M2 xDrive becoming a reality.