Many would argue the latest BMW M2 doesn’t need more power. With 453 hp out of the box, it packs plenty of punch from the factory. However, tuners know some enthusiasts have an insatiable thirst for power. Before the M division adds an extra 20 hp to the 2025 M2 and even more for next year’s M2 CS, the aftermarket scene is ready to deliver.

UK shop Litchfield Motors got its hands on a Sapphire Black M2 fitted with the six-speed manual gearbox. The tuners worked their magic on the “S58” and were able to extract 40% more power. The twin-turbo, 3.0-liter mill was pushed to a massive 641 hp at the crank or 566 hp at the wheels. Torque is just as impressive, reaching 568 lb-ft (770 Nm).

Renowned journalist and Evo Magazine founder Harry Metcalfe had the opportunity to drive the amped-up M2. Litchfield did more than just work on the engine since it also upgraded the suspension and installed lighter HRE wheels. The baby M has a more aggressive stance after lowering the ride height while the rear looks meaner with the Akrapovič exhaust.

Photos: and flickr

This right-hand-drive M2 has the optional body-hugging carbon bucket seats. Harry appreciated the car’s versatility in the sense that it remains perfectly civilized when driven normally. Even the aftermarket exhaust isn’t overly intrusive when you’re out for a relaxing drive. Push it hard and it becomes a veritable pocket rocket with its 641 horsepower.

It sure looks like Harry is having fun behind the wheel of Litchfield’s tricked-out M2. He argues the mods have improved the driver-car connection compared to a stock G87. The steering feels sharper and everything seems a bit tighter than before. It’s not perfect though as he believes the brakes are overly aggressive. In addition, the throttle response is exaggerated when the car is in sport mode, making it a bit too tail-happy at a junction.

As for weight, this modified M2 tipped the scales at 1,660 kilograms (3,659 pounds). It’s a bit lighter than a stock G87 after fitting the custom wheels and exhaust. It’s still not a lightweight car if you compare it to a 1M. However, this one prepped by Litchfield tries to compensate with crazy horsepower and torque.

Source: Harry’s Garage / YouTube