Buying and maintaining a track-focused car is an expensive endeavor not all people can afford. You also must have a place to store the vehicle if you’re not using it as a daily. German tuner AC Schnitzer has an alternative to doing everything by yourself with its specially equipped M2 G87s available to rent.

The German tuner has chosen to highlight the red M2 with its stripped-out interior featuring just two seats. It weighs 1,650 kg or 75 kg less than the standard model and comes fitted with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The list of changes inside the cabin includes Sparco bucket seats with a four-point belt, a Wiechers half roll cage, and AC Schnitzer’s custom covers for the pedals and iDrive rotary knob.

The exterior is decked out with the tuner’s graphics and a chunky carbon rear wing part of an aero kit. The M2 rides lower on a KW Clubsport V4 coilover suspension and 285/30 R20 Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tires. AC Schnitzer fits its own 20-inch wheels and exhaust system while the Winmax brakes deliver superior stopping power.

As to how much it’ll cost you to rent an M2, it’s not exactly cheap. The red car is €1,178 for four laps of the Nürburgring. With gas and lap tickets included, the price rises to €1,418 during the Nürburgring Nordschleife tourist drives. For a track day, 10 laps will set you back €2,575, with gas included. Those who want to spend more time at the Green Hell can fork out €3,624 for 16 laps or €4,220 for 20 laps.

You’re not limited to the Nordschleife as AC Schnitzer will happily rent you its tricked-out M2s at other tracks. It costs €2,649 to do 124 miles (200 kilometers), €3,399 for 186 miles (300 kilometers), and €4,099 for 249 miles (400 kilometers), with fuel included in the price.

BMW itself will build a track-friendly M2 from 2025 when the CS is scheduled to come out. It’s going to cost a pretty penny since it’ll command a significant premium over the base €75,400 model.  You’ll want to stick to a standard M2 if you want the manual since the CS will be auto-only. However, the hotter version is losing weight and adding power, among other upgrades.

Source: AC Schnitzer