With more than 10,000 units built in less than a year, the M2 G87 is off to a strong start. BMW is looking to maintain the sports car’s sales momentum by extracting more power from the omnipresent S58 engine. As it stands, the twin-turbo 3.0-liter mill produces 453 hp (460 PS or 338 kW), but we know from bigger M cars it’s capable of a lot more. Our sources have told us that an upgraded inline-six earmarked for the “baby M” is due at some point in 2024.

Having already entered the 2024MY in the United States, the revised M2 is scheduled to land as a 2025MY in the US of A. We’re hearing it’s going to receive an additional 20 hp for a grand total of 473 hp. That’s 480 PS or 353 kW. Although the M boss Frank van Meel recently said future M cars will start with the Competition version and go up from there, we have it on good authority the revised M2 is not going to receive the suffix.

Speaking of what comes after the “M2” name, the “CS” is not due until August 2025 when production will reportedly start, or about a year after the beefier base model. We’ve been told by BMW insiders the limited-run special edition is going to have more than 500 hp, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and loads of carbon fiber. Spy shots of the M2 CS have revealed it’s getting a CSL-esque ducktail spoiler but there might be other visual changes such as newly designed wheels and a unique color.

An even quicker (and heavier) M2 is planned for 2026 when BMW will finally install an xDrive system, according to our sources. It too is said to come only with two pedals and is likely going to have at least the 500+ hp of the aforementioned CS.

Further down the line, BMW is expected to end production of the G87 in the second half of 2029. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the stick shift will survive until the very end.