The first-generation BMW M2 (F87) was significantly less customizable than the new G87 as the latest sports coupe from Bavaria can be personalized in numerous ways. Yes, color choices are limited to just seven paints at this point, but more are on the way as the M division has promised to address this issue sooner rather than later. In the meantime, Sapphire Black has been combined here with a plethora of carbon fiber body add-ons.

A new walkaround video shows the sinister-looking M2 decked out with a carbon fiber roof and several attachments made from the same lightweight material. The upgrades start at the front where the cars have different air intakes and a spoiler lip that extends onto the side of the bumper. Beefier side skirts were also added to this car to make it look even wider than it already is. At the rear, there’s a chunky spoiler on the trunk lid and more carbon for the diffuser and the exhaust tip finishers.

Photos: and flickr

You can configure the M2 to look even more aggressive since BMW is also offering an M Performance exhaust with stacked tips mounted near the center of the diffuser. In addition, this G87 is missing the side spats located on the front fender, after the front wheels. Alternatively, that trunk spoiler can be replaced with a larger wing, and customers can also add a roof-mounted spoiler.

Further tweaks are expected to arrive as early as 2025 when the M2 CS will be released as logic tells us it’ll have its own subset of changes to complement the extra oomph. While this car largely retains the standard interior, BMW has prepared a few trinkets as upgrades from the M Performance Parts catalog. These vary from a sportier steering wheel and an Alcantara central armrest to MPP-branded floor mats and a carbon fiber backrest for the front seats. [Photos: and flickr]

Source: Moscarblog / YouTube