One of the most striking cars we saw at the 2023 Essen Motor Show last December was a BMW M2 GT modified to look like the M3 GT. The wild build is making the headlines again in new photos of the hardcore G87 built by aftermarket parts supplier GP Products. It’s got a full Alpha-N body kit and a British Racing Green finish as a nod to the spicy E36 version.

The mods alone cost an eye-watering €129,055 since the extent of the modifications goes well beyond the body kit and retro-flavored paint job. It rides on frozen polished bronze HRE 528 wheels (20 inches front / 21 inches rear) and has been fitted with a titanium exhaust system from Akrapovic. It also boasts an MSS suspension, EBC brakes, and more of that green on the inside.

Over 800 Horsepower

The six-figure upgrade also involved heavily modifying the “S58” engine. The twin-turbo, 3.0-liter unit makes 453 horsepower in stock guise, but the inline-six has been massaged to deliver a whopping 800 hp. It’s certainly one of the most potent G87 builds out there after installing lots of goodies from Eventuri and CSF. It also boasts a turbo upgrade from Ladermanufaktur and other miscellaneous tweaks, including a strut brace from the M4 CSL.

This is hands down the most intricate M2 build based on the second-generation model we’ve seen so far. BMW is cooking up an M2 CS, but we can safely assume it won’t be nearly as intense as this unofficial GT. Some would argue you’re better off buying an M4 and modifying it rather than spending huge amounts of money on an M2. However, the idea behind this project was to showcase the tuning potential of the G87, both in terms of hardware and cosmetic upgrades.

The M2 has only been on the market for about a year and yet numerous custom parts are already available for those who want extra performance and visual pizzazz from their M compact coupe. This M3 E36 GT tribute might be too much for certain tastes, although enthusiasts certainly wouldn’t mind an extreme M2 CSL or something to that effect straight from BMW.

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