No fewer than 18 BMW M2 G87 owners came together in Munich where they lined up their sports cars for a family portrait. Shot using a drone, the video is a good opportunity to see all five regular paint options currently available: Zandvoort Blue, M Brooklyn Grey, M Toronto Red, Sapphire Black, and Alpine White. We’re not seeing any cars finished in Individual colors, which are currently limited to Frozen Pure Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue.

We can also see the rear-wheel-drive coupe with the standard and carbon fiber roofs, along with a couple of M2 G87s equipped with a sunroof. It would seem most owners went with black wheels even though BMW also offers a two-tone setup. These cars appear to have the regular five-lugnut alloys but we’ll remind you there’s now a pricey optional centerlock wheel set from the M Performance Parts catalog.

Speaking of M Performance Parts, these M2s don’t seem to have any of those extra bits that tend to make BMW’s entry-level M car look too busy. We’d be curious to know how many of these cars have the six-speed manual gearbox – which is actually an optional feature in Germany. Indeed, you have to fork out an extra €500 over the eight-speed automatic transmission in Deutschland if you want that clutch pedal and stick shift.

While these early adopters didn’t have that many personalization options to choose from, BMW will address the lack of diversity later this year. M CEO Frank van Meel has confirmed an “upcoming model revision” is slated to arrive in 2024. Rumor has it the German luxury brand will add a splash of colors as reports state some of the following paints will be added: Sao Paulo Yellow, Portimao Blue, Skyscraper Grey, Fire Red, Voodoo Blue, Java Green, and Twilight Purple. Perhaps these regular colors will be joined by more Individual shades.

If our sources are correct, the 2025 BMW M2 could get a slightly updated kidney grille and an upgraded engine. The omnipresent “S58” unit is apparently receiving an extra 20 horsepower, which would bring the total to 473 hp. This potential power bump will certainly annoy these early buyers taking into account that the G87 had its market launch just a year ago.

Source: Marko MT / YouTube