The BMW iX stands as the pinnacle of the current electric vehicle lineup, having debuted with fanfare in July 2021. It is slated to enjoy a full seven-year production span, complete with a technological upgrade in Spring 2025. This marks an exciting chapter in the BMW iX story, a vehicle that has been quite polarizing since its introduction. But by 2028, the iX’s journey is rumored to gracefully conclude, with sources indicating a shift away from creating a direct successor under the same name and platform.

Arguably One Of BMW’s Best Crossovers

It’s noteworthy that the BMW iX was engineered on a unique electric architecture, offering the design team freedom to deliver a one-off vehicle. This design philosophy echoes the innovative spirit of the BMW i3, particularly in its smart, minimalist interior that maximizes space for both front and rear passengers. Of course, the exclusive platform of the iX came with a significant initial investment which remains to be seen whether it will pay off at the end of its cycle.

Meanwhile, BMW’s broader electric vehicle fleet benefits from the shared efficiencies of the CLAR (RWD-based) and FAAR (FWD-based) platforms, highlighting the pragmatism in BMW’s approach to electric mobility. And that pragmatism will continue in 2026-2027 with the introduction of two new CLAR-based electric crossovers: the BMW iX5 and iX7.

Both of these new EVs would make it difficult to market the iX, an EV that we’ve said it’s great, but it suffers from a less powerful namesake. Many buyers are still unclear about the iX’s role and its position within the lineup, which is understandable given its size, placing it between the existing X5 and X7 models.

Will We See A Neue Klasse iX-Type Of SUV?

Naturally, we’re curious whether an SUV akin to the iX will emerge, embracing the Neue Klasse engineering philosophy. Ultimately, an EV-first platform offers numerous advantages, from design and packaging to efficiency. Therefore, we’re optimistic that the coming decade will unveil an exciting new EV from Munich.

In the mean time, here is a video review of our long-term BMW iX M60 press car which has been a phenomenal daily driver for us.