Today, the well-known insider ynguldyn disclosed that the BMW iX is slated for a facelift in 2025. This information, which we’ve held onto for some time, has been confirmed in the past by our independent sources. The 2025-2026 BMW iX will get a technology refresh and a name change for its models. The BMW iX xDrive45 will replace the xDrive40, the xDrive60 replaces the xDrive50, and the top model will be the iX M70.

More Power and Electric Range

While it still uses the Gen5 drivetrains, there will be a bump in power for the entry-level model: 350 hp for the iX xDrive40. We have not heard of any power increase for the other models. We also don’t have an idea about the EPA ratings yet, but sources say we should expect the iX xDrive45 to get the same range as the current iX 50 – around 610 km. The iX xDrive60 will offer even more range, 700 kilometers. All these ratings would be on the more generous WLTP testing cycle. The top model iX M70 should fall somewhere in between the two, due to a combination of a large battery pack with a powerful motor.

Don’t Expect A Major Design Refresh

There will be a slight design update as well, but don’t expect any of the Neue Klasse features to land on the iX. In the end, the BMW iX is half-way through its production cycle and there is no replacement planned for it. Instead, BMW will bring a new series of electric crossovers in the future.

One update that we know about is the addition of the Iconic Glow package for the kidney grille. No word yet on a seat design update, but we’re hoping a true M Sport seat will be offered for the 2025-2026 BMW iX Facelift. There is a small headlight redesign and a change in kidney graphics. The BMW iX M70 is rumored to get a bit more M bits that in the past: round M Sport Steering Wheel, new M wheels, new M upholstery and different kidney graphic.

Although the BMW iX’s design has sparked debate, it excels in technology and design efficiency. Its dedicated EV platform is fine-tuned for electric driving, offering intelligently configured interior space that surpasses the BMW X5 in roominess. The primary obstacle to wider acceptance of the iX is its steep price, which has limited its market penetration. Our long-term BMW iX M60 test car is a joy to live with so we’re excited to see what the facelift will bring to market. The BMW iX LCI is expected to go in production in March 2025.