With half of BMW’s sales represented by crossovers and SUVs, it makes perfect sense to kick-start the Neue Klasse EV revolution with the iX3. Arriving next year, the second-generation model is moving away from its CLAR bones to a much-awaited dedicated platform. The underpinnings will be complemented by a fresh design language with a pared-down approach to contrast current trends of overdesign.

Our exclusive rendering attempts to see into the future of the new iX3 by toning down the Vision Neue Klasse X introduced earlier today. For starters, we decided to replace the concept’s tiny side cameras with traditional mirrors. Our vision (pun intended) of the electric crossover includes the usual front and rear parking sensors. Moreover, the showcar’s door handles mounted on the beltline have made way for the usual flush door handles seen on the recent crop of BMWs.

Other changes include thicker pillars and slightly modified bumpers to achieve a more realistic look. The lights at both ends of the car are not as glitzy as they were on the X, and we’ve added roof rails as well. BMW’s minimalist badge also seen on the 2023 Vision Neue Klasse sedan and the 2021 i Vision Circular is replaced here by the traditional roundel with a blue contour reserved for EVs.

Vertical red reflectors at the rear contribute to the production-ready look we’re going for with this design exercise. Our iX3 also has a license plate and extra sensors mounted on the upper part of the windshield. We replaced the centerlock wheels of the X concept with a conventional five-lugnut set. Needless to say, the real thing won’t look exactly like this, although we’re certain our rendering isn’t too far off.

By switching to a bespoke EV platform, we reckon the next-generation iX3 will have shorter overhangs than the outgoing model. That would allow BMW to stretch the wheelbase for greater legroom. The existing CLAR-based iX3 was compromised from day one in terms of packaging by having to adapt a platform primarily intended for vehicles with combustion engines. With Neue Klasse, BMW will finally develop EV-only models.

During the BMW Group Annual Conference today, company executives announced series production will start in the second half of 2025. Featuring the “NA0” internal designation, the future iX3 won’t carry the “Made in Germany” label since it’ll be manufactured at the new factory in Debrecen (Hungary). The outgoing model isn’t even built in Europe since the CLAR-based iX3 comes alive in China.