The Vision Neue Klasse concepts represent the dawn of a new electric era for BMW. Although the sedan debuted before the SUV, it’s the iX3 successor that will go into production first. Having confirmed that the inaugural Neue Klasse model will arrive in 2025, the German luxury brand is now providing a more specific timeframe. Speaking during the General Annual Meeting this week, CEO Oliver Zipse said production will start near the end of 2025.

It’s actually a bit later than we thought. Previous reports had indicated the iX3 would hit the assembly in July 2025 but now it looks like that’s not going to be the case. The SUV isn’t officially delayed since BMW never announced an exact launch date. It only said the first Neue Klasse would be out at some point in 2025. That still holds true.

The second-generation iX3 – provided it’ll use this moniker – is going to be made in Hungary. BMW is erecting a new factory in Debrecen where more than 1,000 employees are already working. Pre-production is kicking off this year before customer vehicles will begin to roll off the assembly line in late 2025. The new plant will have an annual capacity of approximately 150,000 units.

BMW is investing over €1 billion in Debrecen where the iX3 will be the company’s first EV to use sixth-generation batteries. During the same meeting, Zipse said the round cells will deliver 186 miles (300 kilometers) of range after a 10-minute charge. BMW’s top brass reiterated a 30% jump in range and charging speed.

He went on to hype up the Neue Klasse SUV: “The Board of Management already had the chance to drive the pre-series – and, believe me, it gave us goosebumps.”

BMW’s head honcho went on to say that lessons learned while developing NK will be implemented in all cars. That will include models with combustion engines, not just electric vehicles.

Source: BMW