It’s safe to say BMW’s designs have been hit-and-miss in recent years. With the Neue Klasse concepts, the company is previewing a fresh look for its next wave of electric vehicles. These will start to arrive in 2025 with the iX3 before the i3 lands a year later. At least four additional models will be out within the next four years, so the company’s lineup will look substantially different by 2028.

If you like the Vision Neue Klasse sedan concept from last year and the recently presented Vision Neue Klasse X, you’re probably optimistic about BMW’s next design language. Hopefully, the attractive traits we’ve seen so far will be adapted for the other Neue Klasse-based models. A new speculative rendering of the crossover attempts to predict the styling of the “NA5.” The artist behind the SRK Designs channel on YouTube envisioned the crossover as a production model.

BMW deliberately oversimplified the concept by mounting slim side cameras while neatly integrating the door handles into the beltline. This speculative digital design exercise illustrates the EV with traditional mirrors and flush door handles. It also has a less glitzy version of the retro-flavored vertical grille that last year’s concept didn’t have. The “NA0” sedan is expected to have horizontal kidneys instead.

The cladding around the wheel arches is now black instead of being color-coordinated with the rest of the body. You’ll notice the wheels are different and have been borrowed from existing models like the i5 M60. It’s a 21-inch set (Style 954I) with a two-tone look. However, we’re expecting the production-ready iX3 to have even more aero-optimized alloys for greater efficiency. BMW has already promised to cut drag by 20% compared to the current CLAR-based model, partially by installing EV-specific tires and new brakes.

Of course, the real thing won’t look exactly like this. However, we reckon it won’t be too far off from this rendering. BMW should reveal more of the iX3 later this year with prototypes that’ll begin to shed some of the camouflage. Series production is programmed to start in mid-2025 at the new factory in Debrecen, Hungary. It’s unclear whether the official premiere will happen before the end of 2024 or early next year.

The iX3 could be followed in the latter half of the decade by a first-ever iX4 with a more rakish roofline. The “NA7” might be even more aerodynamic thanks to its coupe-esque silhouette. It’ll supersede today’s X4 since BMW reportedly won’t do another generation with combustion engines.

Source: SRK Designs / YouTube