MINI has a new family of John Cooper Works models lined up, with the already revealed Countryman JCW leading the way. BMWBLOG spoke with Head of MINI Stefanie Wurst about how the British marque is looking to spice up its lineup with additional JCW models. No fewer than three models are scheduled to break cover in the final quarter of 2024.

Four John Cooper Works Models In 2024

The “J01” Cooper electric will be joined by the “F66” Cooper JCW with a gasoline engine before the end of this year. If you want the extra practicality of having rear doors but find the Countryman too big, the forthcoming subcompact Aceman crossover is also getting the JCW treatment in Q4. Wurst confirmed we’ll see them all this year as fully-fledged John Cooper Works models.

With its latest cars, MINI has introduced a namesake trim level that’s essentially an appearance package without extra performance. The true JCW models are in the pipeline for those looking to get a more powerful car, be it with a gasoline engine or an electric setup depending on the model. The not-so-mini-anymore Countryman JCW is offered solely with an internal combustion engine.

Positive Customer Response To The Countryman JCW

Speaking of the compact crossover, Wurst told us the early feedback generated by the 2025 Countryman has been positive: “I recently had a couple telling me that after seeing the new Countryman John Cooper Works in person, they immediately placed an order.” To satisfy our curiosity, we asked the Head of MINI what prompted that couple to order the car: “Their family has grown in size and they wanted to stay within the MINI family, and the Countryman now ticks all the boxes.”

The company’s top brass also told us the new Aceman is one of the most exciting MINI products. The regular model will celebrate its public debut next month at the 2024 Beijing Motor Show. Much like the electric 3-Door hatchback, the crossover sadly isn’t coming to the United States, at least not right away. Both EVs will be assembled in China but the Oxford plant in the UK is going to build them at home from 2026. We’ll have to wait until then to see whether the two electric models will receive a US visa.

Even more MINI models are on the way since there will be another five-door hatchback (“F65”) with conventional engines and even a convertible (“F67”) accompanied by an electric counterpart (“J03”). Sadly, the quirkiest car is not returning for a new generation since the six-door Clubman is dead for good. Even so, with a generous product lineup, the company can cater to a wide audience ahead of 2030 when it intends to go entirely electric.