Portugal is, in some ways, BMW’s second home since the Bavarians frequently select this beautiful country for international media events. Portugal’s appeal, characterized by its excellent weather, stunning landscapes, delicious food, and friendly people, makes it a prime choice for automotive press test drives. In a recent event held in Lisbon, BMW and MINI showcased an extensive lineup of vehicles for me to review over two days. I have previously reviewed the BMW X2 M35i and iX2, as well as the MINI Countryman John Cooper Works. Today, we will take a look 2025 MINI Countryman SE ALL4 electric crossover.

The 2025 MINI Countryman SE ALL4: A Complete Redesign

The 2025 MINI Countryman (chassis code U25) has been completely redesigned from the ground up, showcasing a stark transformation from its predecessor in every aspect, including its exterior and interior. Now manufactured by BMW in Germany, instead of VDL Nedcar in The Netherlands, this third-generation model marks a fresh start, especially with the introduction of the first-ever electric variant. Built alongside the BMW iX1 and iX2 in Regensburg, the new Countryman SE uses the same front-wheel drive architecture as its BMW brothers, so the performance and range is quite similar.

Much larger than the model it replaced, the revamped Countryman stretches 4433 mm (174.5 in) long, 1843 mm (72.6 in) wide, and 1656 mm (65.2 in) tall. Of course, it weighs quite a bit – around 2,000 kilograms (4400 lbs). The Countryman JCW is about  600 pounds lighter. Some of that weight penalty comes from a 66.45-kWh battery pack which is rated at around 245 miles on the EPA standard. The design philosophy, aptly named “Charismatic Simplicity,” gives the Countryman a fresh yet familiar look. This design evolution isn’t just for aesthetics; it also has functional benefits. The smoother surfaces contribute to a significantly improved drag coefficient, lowering it from 0.31 to 0.26, which enhances overall efficiency.

Powertrain Options and Charging Speed

The 2025 MINI Countryman electric offers two distinct powertrain options, catering to different driving preferences and lifestyles. It starts with a 204 horsepower variant and it goes up to 313 horsepower and 363 lb-ft of torque in the SE ALL4. Both powertrains support fast charging at up to 130 kW, allowing drivers to recharge from 10% to 80% capacity in under 30 minutes. Unfortunately, this was not venue to test the range and charging speed, but we will in the future. There is also an onboard AC charger capable of rates up to 22 kW. The base option is 11 kW though.

A Unique Driving Experience

This media event focused exclusively on the driving experience, and having comparable products available for testing was quite unusual. Historically, there has been some cross-shopping between BMW and MINI crossovers, a trend that may become even more significant with the introduction of this new range of vehicles, primarily because they offer similar driving experiences. Having driven a BMW iX2 just a few hours earlier, I was keen to discover how the driving character of the MINI distinguishes itself from the BMW front-wheel drive experience.

Let me begin by saying, even at the risk of revealing the whole review upfront, the new electric MINI Countryman SE is outstanding! Initially, I was sure that the Countryman John Cooper Works would capture my heart, but it turned out to be the SE ALL4 that truly impressed me. As mentioned in my review of the JCW, while I like the sound of its exhaust and engine, the B48 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo doesn’t quite deliver the performance needed for a vehicle of this size, resulting in a driving experience that was somewhat more sluggish than I desired.

Good Handling and Unique Driving Modes

In contrast, the Countryman SE feels lively at all time, but especially through tight bends. As it’s customary with electric vehicles, the instant torque is addictive while providing a seamless driving experience with features like one-pedal driving in ‘B’ mode. As an enthusiasts of single-pedal electric vehicle operation, I engaged the Countryman SE’s most potent regenerative setting, enhancing both efficiency and control.

Despite its heavier weight compared to the petrol-powered Countryman JCW, the SE maintains composure in corners, offering a better balance. The adaptive suspension gives the crossover a sportier ride, while also rebounding nicely on imperfect pavement.

The Countryman SE’s dynamics adapt according to the selected Experience Mode, incorporating a unique Go-Kart Mode that enhances chassis agility, steering sharpness, and adjusts traction control. Just like with its BMW counterparts, the driving/experience modes absolutely change the character of the Countryman. Looking for more fun and engagement? Flick into the Go-Kart Mode. Fancying some comfort in your daily commute? The Balance mode is there for you. If you’d like to have some fun with your new Countryman SE, try switching the Experience modes since they will trigger a unique animation and sound each time.

At lower speeds and in city driving, the Countryman SE operates in near silence. There isn’t much noise coming from the outside, despite rolling on large tires. Of course, the primary sound you might notice is the external audible tone designed to alert pedestrians – required by regulations. Maneuvering through tight roads is effortless as well, and there were plenty of those around Cascais. The suspension works beautifully also on cobblestone roads absorbing the shocks nicely and offering a very relaxing drive.

Feels Quicker Than Advertised

0-60 seems to come quicker than the advertised 5.6 seconds, especially in overtaking situations when you floor the acceleration pedal. The power transfer is also extremely smooth and there were very few situations when I wished for more power and torque. The grip is also great, of course, thanks to the all-wheel drive system but also because of the wider and bigger wheels – 20 inches in size.

The steering offers precise and accurate feedback, considering the vehicle’s weight, giving you confidence when pushing the SE to its upper limits. The Countryman’s handling also improves at higher speeds, and as I said, it’s addictive. Did I mention the electric sounds? The new MINI OS9 infotainment system introduces distinct sounds for various Experience Modes, along with 30 new auditory signals serving informational and warning purposes. Lift off the acceleration and your MINI will put a smile on your face as well.

But does it have the Go-Kart feeling? Of course not and that’s to be expected considering the electric drivetrain. The SE certainly drives similar to the iX1 and exhibits all the traits of electric crossovers. So if you’re looking for the iconic MINI driving experience, you’d be disappointed. Yet, I still think this is the better Countryman matching perfectly the power with the size of the car.

Interior Design and Practicality

But it’s not just about the driving experience. The Countryman’s design maximizes its interior space by eliminating the center console and shifter. Instead, it features an optional Qi wireless charger for smartphones positioned below the toggle switches, accompanied by two large, built-in cupholders. If you need more cupholders – because America – then you can customize that center storage area.

Probably the biggest complaint I’ve seen online is the lack of leather in new MINIs. My tester came with Vescin, a popular leather alternative, aiming to match the look and feel of the popular upholstery. There is also a wide range of different knitted fabrics which actually look pretty cool, but will see how they stand the test of time. The second complaint is likely to come from the OS9 system. Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) framework, the system feels laggy at times, similar to what we’ve experienced with iDrive 9. I noticed that this mainly occurs during rapid transitions between applications and menus. MINI says a fix is in works and future over-the-air updates should improve the responsiveness of the UI.

In terms of practicality, the rear bench slides fore and aft by 13 centimeters (5.1 inches) and you can adjust the backrests in six positions by as much as 12 degrees. Standing at 6″2 (1.89m) tall, there’s ample legroom, headroom, and shoulder space behind my preferred driving position. With the rear seats in place, the Countryman offers a cargo volume of 460 liters, expandable to 1,450 liters after folding the bench. To haul even more, an electrically operated optional trailer hitch can be used to tow up to 1,200 kilograms. Beneath the boot floor lies a convenient space for storing charging cables, so yes, no spare tire, as expected.

MINI Countryman SE ALL4
DrivetrainDual electric motors
Power313 hp (230kW)
Torque363 lb-ft (495Nm)
Range245 (EPA Estimated)
Weight4400 lbs (2000 kg)
Maximum DC Charging Rate130kW
Charging Time (10-80%)30 minutes
Operating SystemMINI OS9
Towing Capacity2645 lbs (1200 kg)

Made for America

Overall, this new MINI Countryman, regardless of its drivetrain, is a more mature product than the outgoing variant. It features a rugged and SUVish design which will certainly appease customers in North America. Additionally, even though the revamped crossover has an octagonal front grille similar to the Cooper hatchback’s, the difference here is a built-in radar sensor to make the Countryman the first MINI with Level 2 assistance systems. The Driving Assistant Professional enables drivers to momentarily remove their hands from the steering wheel at speeds up to 37 mph (60 km/h), provided they continue to monitor the road.

Should I Buy One?

Set for a launch in March, the 2025 MINI Countryman SE ALL4 is priced at $45,200. This positions it as a more affordable electric SUV option within the BMW Group in the United States, compared to the $87,000 BMW iX, potentially attracting BMW customers to the new MINI model. While it’s great that the Countryman JCW is still available for purchase, given the similar pricing, my personal preference leans towards adding the new MINI Countryman SE model to my collection.


2025 MINI Countryman SE ALL4 Review

Exterior Appeal - 8
Interior Quality - 7.5
Steering Feedback - 7.5
Performance - 8
Handling - 8
Price Point - 8


Set for a launch in March, the 2025 MINI Countryman SE ALL4 is priced at $45,200. This positions it as a more affordable electric SUV option within the BMW Group in the United States, compared to the $87,000 BMW iX, potentially attracting BMW customers to the new MINI model. While it's great that the Countryman JCW is still available for purchase, given the similar pricing, my personal preference leans towards adding the new MINI Countryman SE model to my collection.