A new generation of MINI Cooper is upon us, and the order banks are open! While the US won’t see the newest F66 MINI Cooper until July or August, it’s never too early to think about how you’ll order your next MINI. Here’s how you can ensure you get what you want from your 2025 MINI Cooper.

2025 MINI Cooper Performance

2025 MINI Cooper SE

The F66 MINI Cooper kicks off its first model year with two trim levels: Cooper C and Cooper S. The Cooper S utilizes a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder – BMW’s B48 mill – and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The standard Cooper C’s 1.5 liter engine develops 156 horsepower, and the sportier Cooper S gets 201 horsepower. MINI says the 221 pound-feet of torque will pull the 2025 MINI Cooper S from zero to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds.

While a JCW (John Cooper Works) variant is certainly in production, we don’t have any firm performance data yet. Sources suggest a similar 228 horsepower alongside a bumped 258 pound-feet of torque. That’s 20 torques more than before, so the new JCW should still outperform the old one.

Trim Levels and Styles: 2025 MINI Cooper

2025 MINI Cooper interior

The 2025 MINI Cooper is available in three trim levels: Signature, Signature Plus, and Iconic. The Signature trim offers the basics: features like heated front seats, a panoramic moonroof, and LED headlights. It’s comparable to what you’ll find on the current Classic trim. Signature Plus adds Comfort Access, an alarm, an Active Driving Assistant, and remote engine start. The Iconic Trim commands $2,700 and builds even more value with ACC Stop & Go, Harman Kardon sound, and an interior camera.

Signature Plus and Iconic cars can also opt for two Styles: Classic or Favoured. Signature vehicles come only with the Classic Style. The two are best represented as Dark (Classic) and Light (Favoured) schemes. Classic gets black and blue schemes with a grey headliner. Favoured Style includes a beige/grey pattern and Anthracite headliner. Additional Styles are on their way for later production years of the F66 MINI Cooper.

Color and Wheel Options for the 2025 MINI Cooper

2025 MINI Cooper wheels

The standard 2025 MINI Cooper is available in Nanuq White, Chili Red, Midnight Black, Melting Silver III, and Blazing Blue. The 2025 MINI Cooper S adds British Racing Green IV, Ocean Wave Green, and Sunny Side Yellow. Chili Red is the only no-cost color option that we know of so far.

17-inch wheels are now standard on the MINI Cooper, and you can opt for 18-inchers if you’re feeling spicy. The to-be-debuted JCW trim will likely add even more options, but for now, you can choose from five different multi-spoke wheel options. 18-inch wheels get summer tires standard, while the 17-inch units get all seasons. The U-Spoke Spectre Grey dark wheels can be ordered as option code 1KB for summer tires. We would avoid opting for run-flat tires available on the other 17-inch wheels (option codes 1KH and 1KE).

Options, Pricing, and Standard Equipment

MINI Cooper in blue downhill in the snow

In the United States, the 2025 MINI Cooper starts at $29,950 – up from last year’s $25,800. But standard features and general improvements abound. A wireless charging tray, head-up display, navigation, and a 9.4-inch OLED screen are all included. For reference, adding that equipment to a 2024 model-year vehicle would set you back $7,200, requiring a step up to the Iconic Trim. It should be noted that these are only standard features in the US market. The Cooper S hikes prices further to a base MSRP of $32,200.

Standalone options are few and far between for the 2025 MINI Cooper. For now, most features are tied directly to trim levels. Furthermore, the standard MINI Cooper C will have even less flexibility. Dynamic Damper Control, roof rails, power and massaging seats, and ACC Stop & GO + Active Driving Assistant will be offered à la carte. Of course, most of these can also be added by stepping up a trim level. Even fully loaded, it looks like a 2025 MINI Cooper S should top out around where the 2024 model did – just under $40,000.

Summary: What’s New For the 2025 MINI Cooper?

Inside the new MINI Cooper

The newest MINI Cooper marks a handful of firsts for the model. Ventilated and massaging seats are available for the first time on a Cooper. New Vescin synthetic leather debuts on your choice of two new seat designs. The two seats – Sport and JCW Sport – no longer offer extendable thigh bolsters. Sport seats are a little easier to get into, with less bolstering. JCW Seats are grippier and closer to what you see in the current F Series JCW seats.

There’s currently no manual transmission available for the 2025 MINI Cooper. But, performance overall increases, albeit slightly. A new two-spoke steering wheel is thicker than the preceding generation’s. Overall, MINI has greatly enhanced standard features across the board, including Experience Modes, navigation, a moonroof, and much more. As the 2025 MINI Cooper is the first year of the F66 chassis code MINI Cooper, it features completely new designs inside and out. Base price, interior and exterior dimensions, and weight all increase from last year’s model.