The second-generation BMW M2 still feels fresh, having been around for a little over a year. However, updates are already on the way, some of which will be introduced later in 2024. We’re expecting an extra 20 horsepower, which would bring the total to 473 hp, and possibly a richer variety of colors. These changes could be applied to the cars produced from August. In 2025, the M2 CS will be added to the lineup as a temporary member with more power, less weight, different wheels, a special color – you know the drill. What comes after?

Our sources close to BMW have told us that an actual Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) is planned to arrive at some point in 2026. That would follow the M division’s modus operandi of giving its performance cars a nip and tuck three to four years into production. Much like was the case with the recently facelifted M4 Coupe/Convertible, don’t expect any major changes. We’re hearing the styling revisions will be modest, although there might be some additional yet-to-be-confirmed changes on the way.

Since the M2 LCI is coming out in 2026, it means the limited-run CS special edition we mentioned earlier will not get the updated design. It’s going to be based on the G87 on sale today, possibly with well over 500 horsepower, a ducktail rear spoiler, and only two pedals. Yes, the M2 CS is unlikely to have a manual gearbox. Sad trombone, I know. Expect production numbers to be anywhere between 1,500 to 1,900 units.

We’re hearing the M2 CS will have the same wheels, front bucket seats, and Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel as the M3 CS. Only a handful of colors will be available, including some sort of purple. The M2 CS is expected to enter production in August 2025, with the final car to exist the assembly line in July 2026.

Further down the line, BMW will keep pumping out M2s until near the end of the decade. G87 production is supposedly ending in mid-2029, so there could be more updates beyond the CS and the facelift. The M division might roll out an xDrive version in the car’s final years, possibly as early as 2026. If an all-paw M2 is coming, an educated guess tells us it would be an automatic-only affair since the M3 and M4 with xDrive come strictly with the Steptronic.