In the age of downsizing, BMW dares to be different. So much so that you can still get a six-cylinder engine in a compact car, and we’re not even talking about the M2. The M Performance model with its renowned B58 engine puts out 374 horsepower from the factory, routed to the rear wheels or an xDrive system. German tuner G-Power felt that it was time to unlock more muscle from the 3.0-liter mill.

Its upgraded version of the top-spec G42 model has been massaged to deliver 520 hp to eclipse even the mighty M2 G87. Torque isn’t mentioned but we’re sure the figure has increased considerably compared to BMW’s 500 Nm (369 lb-ft). The healthy boost was achieved not just by doing software updates but also through several mechanical changes for the inline-six.

There’s a different turbocharger now, along with a custom charge air cooler and an aftermarket exhaust with quad tips to fool the untrained eye into believing it’s an M2. Speaking of which, G-Power has crunched the numbers, and it says that it’s still cheaper to get an M240i plus these mods compared to buying an M2.

If you feel like 520 hp is overkill, the German tuner has lesser upgrade kits that dial the engine to 420 hp, 450 hp, or 480 hp. Regardless of the package you go for, G-Power unlocks the ECU to access the additional Bavarian muscle. Alternatively, you can go for individual items, including a turbo swap or upgrades to the factory setup.

Rounding off the changes are some visual revisions as this M240i finished in Brooklyn Grey has the tuner’s own Hurricane RS forged 19-inch wheels with 245/35 front and 255/35 rear tires. Interior shots have yet to be published but G-Power offers carbon fiber shift paddles, velour floor mats, leather upholstery, and a modified steering wheel with carbon fiber inserts.

Later this year, BMW is expected to update the M240i by giving it an optional carbon fiber roof, available with the cars produced from August. Rumor has it the G42 is also getting additional colors (Zandvoort Blue and Skyscraper Grey), fresh wheel designs, and a fancier interior possibly with glass controls.

Source: G-Power