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G-Power brings a lot of power to IAA 2021. Pun intended

G-Power isn’t a tuning company known for being timid. Its projects often pack frightening power figures and outlandish looks. Recently, the German tuning company went a bit wild with a couple of different Bimmers and…

G Power G8M Hurricane BMW M8 F92 Tuning 25 830x553

G-Power G8M Hurricane: BMW M8 now makes 900 horsepower

German tuning shop G-Power is no stranger to massive power upgrades on BMW cars. We’ve seen several projects before under the Hurricane brand and each and one of them impressed us with their sheer power….

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Video: Just how fast is a 790 HP G-Power BMW M8?

The guys from G-Power are known for their ludicrous builds. They have been making cars with massive power a long time now and, even though they used forced induction where there was none back in…

Video: G-Power G5M Hurricane RS hops on dyno, puts down 853 HP

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Video: G-Power G2M Model takes BMW M2 up to 550 HP

The guys from G-Power unveiled their latest creation earlier this week, in the shape of the so-called G-Power G2M Limited Edition. This is nothing more or less than a very souped up version of the…

bmw m8 gran coupe tuning g power 1 830x553

Video: BMW M8 Gran Coupe by G-Power has 808 HP

The guys from G-Power are known for their incredibly powerful builds. They have created proper monsters over the years by using forced induction on otherwise atmospheric engines. With the introduction of the turbocharged era, their…