BMW unveiled the G42-generation 2 Series in mid-2021 and gave the sports coupe a notable upgrade less than a year later when iDrive 8 was introduced. More changes are reportedly coming this year as a well-known company insider claims new tweaks – inside and out – will be rolled out in 2024. A member of the Bimmer Post forums who has been more right than wrong in the past alleges a carbon fiber roof will become available.

Believed to be offered as an optional feature, the lightweight panel is reportedly coming to both flavors of the M240i: the rear-wheel-drive model and its all-weather xDrive counterpart. That wouldn’t be a big surprise since another M Performance car – the M340i sedan – has had an optional carbon roof ever since BMW introduced the 3 Series LCI in 2022.

Rumor has it BMW intends to put carbon fiber roofs on the M240i with the cars produced from August 2024 at the San Luis Potosi plant in Mexico. According to the same report, the 2 Series Coupe is also getting the M2’s Zandvoort Blue and Skyscraper Grey paint jobs, fresh wheel designs, and “interior updates to make it look more upscale.” The latter part might include glass controls that are apparently trickling down to the 2er lineup.

The German luxury brand is also spicing things up with the range-topping M2. Earlier this month, M boss Frank van Meel announced an “upcoming model revision” for the car. He wasn’t referring to the hot CS version since the limited-run special edition isn’t due until later in 2025. Instead, the M division’s head honcho must’ve been alluding to the yet-to-be-confirmed bump in power to 473 hp, or 20 hp more than today’s car.

Further down the line, a major update for G87 could debut in 2026 with the arrival of an M2 xDrive but nothing is official yet. In the meantime, BMW M has pledged to keep the six-speed manual gearbox available since there’s still enough demand for a three-pedal setup, not just in the M2, but also in the M3 and M4. Coming soon, the Z4 M40i will finally get a stick shift, too.

Source: Bimmer Post