Following the unveiling of the new M2, BMW faced one of the main criticisms— the limited array of colors. Initially, only five hues were available, none of which came from the Individual catalog. The issue was partially addressed last year when the premium brand introduced two matte paints – Frozen Pure Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue.

In one of the first videos showcasing the M2 G87 with an Individual color, the sports coupe combines Frozen Pure Grey with black wheels, red brake calipers, and a carbon fiber roof. Equipped with the eight-speed automatic transmission, the rear-wheel-drive machine features optional front carbon fiber bucket seats along with black leather upholstery. Being a car built for the UK market, this is a right-hand-drive model.

Although the M2 is still relatively fresh on the market, having received its market launch in April 2023, BMW is already preparing to update the car. Per an announcement made last month by M boss Frank van Meel, a “model revision” is scheduled to come out later in 2024. It is believed that one of the tweaks will be additional color options, possibly Twilight Purple and/or Grigio Telesto.

Elsewhere, BMW is purportedly making some changes to the engine. The twin-turbo inline-six is said to receive a healthy bump in output of 20 horsepower. If sources close to Munich are accurate, it means the 3.0-liter mill is getting 473 hp. This change will be applied to the standard M2 since the Bavarians are not interested in coming out with a Competition model.

That’s not to say a hotter M2 has been ruled out. Come 2025, a limited-run CS special edition is said to exceed the 500-hp mark and boast an extended array of carbon fiber body parts, plus a CSL-esque ducktail spoiler. It’s rumored to come only with the eight-speed Steptronic gearbox.

Another change is potentially planned for 2026 when BMW could finally launch an M2 xDrive. That too would be automatic-only since the M3 and M4 models with all-wheel drive have only two pedals.

Source: Lloyd Motor Group / YouTube