Vorsteiner is one of the few tuners that cater to old BMW M models as most aftermarket companies are primarily interested in the latest products. After having a close look at an M3 E46 coupe with a CSL-esque body kit a few months ago, here comes the convertible from the same generation. It gets a full aero package without ruining the classic lines of the original. Bringing back into the limelight a model last produced nearly two decades ago, Vorsteiner has freshened up the droptop M3 with a carbon fiber hood. It too gets the CSL-styled front bumper we saw on the coupe, along with a nickel-plated ornament adorning the front fenders. At the back, the diffuser takes after the CSL’s, and on the coupe body style, there’s also a familiar ducktail spoiler.

The custom wheels with a polished satin finish also bear Vorsteiner’s signature and are a nod to a classic BBS set enthusiasts will surely remember. Overall, this is a meticulously restored and tastefully modified car, reminding us of simpler times when BMW designs weren’t as busy as they are today. Oh, and no obnoxious kidney grilles. Purists will always prefer a completely standard M3 E46 but this custom build with carbon fiber upgrades is a nice tribute.

Vorsteiner has been keeping busy working on BMW projects, including a striking M4 G82 that looks absolutely wild compared to this somewhat tamed droptop M3. It also has an aftermarket kit tailored to the M2 G87 and an interesting carbon front grille for the M3 and M4 that “fixes” the design. Comparing the E46 with the recent cars shows how much design has changed in less than 20 years. Tuners are adapting to the new trends, and rising sales figures show BMW designs are well-received despite numerous criticisms on forums and social media. [Photos: Ted Seven]