You’re probably completely sick of hearing about the big grille design on the BMW M3 and M4. The criticism has been nonstop since their release and I know I play a big part in that. However, much of the criticism is valid and much of it is shared among the enthusiast community. So much so that tuning companies have begun “fixing” it with new grille and bumper combos. The latest is Vorsteiner, whose GTS-V series parts completely change the front end of both the M3 and M4.

“To kick off 2023 and to celebrate our 19th anniversary I am excited to finally launch the GTS-V product line for the current M3 and M4 that dates back all the way to the E92 M3 generation where we created this series for more extreme performance focused customers,” says Peter Nam, Vorsteiner founder.

New Kidney Grille

The new front redesign comes with new kidney grilles and an entirely new bumper. Fans of the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Concept will very much like this new design, as Vorsteiner’s new kidneys are somewhat similar in size. In the eyes of this humble auto scribe, Vorsteiner’s grilles look far better than the stock ones and are well worth getting. It’s also worth nothing that they’re made from carbon fiber. The hood has also been redesigned and staying true to the lightweight philosophy, it is now made of carbon fiber. The bonnet is priced at $5,495.

As for the new bumper, it has all the holes. Being design for aero and cooling more than anything, the Vorsteiner bumper features a ton of open ducts. Even the hood has air vents, to help cool the engine down. So there’s a lot of function to its form and the Vorsteiner kit isn’t just about looking cool. Although, it does make the M4 look much cooler.

If you want Vorsteiner’s front end redesign, it’s going to cost you. For the front bumper you’ll have to pay $4,895, while the the carbon fiber motorsport grille is priced at $1,295. A steep price, but then again, it’s hard to put a price on beauty. Vorsteiner’s redesign drastically changes the look of the car for the better, making it look like a thrilling BMW and not some cartoonish attempt at making an aggressive car. Also, the M3 and M4 are already expensive. If you can afford one of those, you can probably afford to make it look right. You can check out the full M3/M4 upgrades at Vorsteiner.

[Photos: Vorsteiner]