After showing off a heavily modified M4 G82 a few days ago, Vorsteiner is bringing back into the limelight one of its predecessors, the M3 E46. Even though the production of the sports coupe ended some 17 years ago, the car remains as relevant as ever among enthusiasts. Some – including yours truly – might even argue the 3 Series’ design peaked with the fourth generation, which dates back to 1997.

Vorsteiner revitalized the M3 E46 by giving it the anniversary roundel introduced last year by BMW to celebrate 50 years of the M division. The comprehensive body kit includes a ducktail spoiler inspired by the one fitted to the CSL of which fewer than 1,400 units were ever made. Speaking of the hugely desirable Coupe Sport Lightweight, the tuner also installed a custom front bumper reminiscent of the hardcore version.

There are several carbon fiber body parts specifically developed for the M3 E46, including the vented hood, front splitter, and rear diffuser. Other items that caught our attention are the nickel-plated ornament adorning the M3 badge on the front fender along with the forged wheels featuring a flashy gold finish to add visual pizzazz to an already eye-catching car.

Most body parts are listed on Vorsteiner’s website as being sold out, including the full aero pack priced at an eye-watering $11,795. Should the components come back in stock, prepare to pony up some serious money since the hood alone is $3,095 while the front bumper is going to set you back another $2,695. The tuner also has a custom center console ($995) designed to mimic the one installed by BMW on the M3 CSL.

Purists will say cars as iconic as the M3 E46 should not be modified but if Vorsteiner has put effort into developing these custom parts, surely there must be demand. After all, most aftermarket items are currently out of stock.

Source: Vorsteiner