Located in Munich next to the Olympic Park, the Welt is heaven on earth for BMW enthusiasts. It’s the place to see all sorts of tricked-out models since most of the vehicles exhibited there are loaded with upgrades. Such is the case with this M3 Touring we photographed up close and personal during our most recent visit to the exhibition center. Of course, there were a lot more unique BMW models than the one shown here, so if you’d like to explore the BMW Welt from behind-the-scenes, check out the Youtube video at the end.

M Performance Exhaust

Even in its most basic form, the G81 is an appealing car since it can do just about everything. BMW decided to go all out with this build and opted for Riviera Blue paint combined with M Performance Parts. Aside from the carbon fiber body kit, this M3 wagon also has an optional quad exhaust system with pairs of tips stacked on top of each other, reminding us of Lexus’ high-performance F models. The exhaust finishers are housed within a different diffuser compared to the standard model. This setup is also available for the M2, M3 Sedan, and the M4.

BMW spared no expense as it configured this long-roof M3 with everything from front canards and carbon-ceramic brakes to a red tow strap and a windshield decal that looks straight from the 1980s. Eagle-eyed readers will notice the anniversary roundel introduced in 2022 when the M division celebrated its 50th anniversary. It was an optional item on all M Performance and M cars but also on lesser models that had the M Sport Package.

What this M3 Touring doesn’t have is a carbon fiber roof since BMW isn’t offering one for the G81. It’s also missing the centerlock wheels that were originally seen on the 3.0 CSL before trickling down to the M2, M3, and M4. It does have the beefier side skirts that make an already wide car look even more imposing on the road.

Seeing this lavishly equipped super wagon up close was bittersweet since this hugely desirable car is sadly not available in the United States. The upcoming Life Cycle Impulse that BMW is working on for the M3 Touring will also remain a forbidden fruit, as will next year’s hardcore CS variant. Seeing the glass half full, we can take comfort from knowing the bigger M5 Touring (G99) is all but confirmed to get a US visa. The official reveal slated for later this year should include official confirmation about the vehicle’s launch in North America where the first deliveries are likely slated for 2025.